Your Help

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You too can chip in with your contribution to saving the endangered and hapless species that call Costa Rica their home. Volunteering is always the way to go. You can get the pertinent information about volunteering, travel information, and any other advice regarding animal rescue and rehabilitation. Just shoot us an email, and we shall get in touch with you.

The second way is through donation. If you, your friend or a family member might be interested to help our cause financially, then you could send us a request with the amount that you wish to donate, and we’ll send you the necessary information. Apart from the receipt, you shall also receive a certificate of appreciation from the organization.

A massive thank you to One Sure Insurance who have donated 3-years web hosting to Nosara Wildlife. Speaking, Chris Lear said, “We support the Nosara Wildlife cause and are extremely proud to be donating 3-years worth of web hosting to the cause.”

We also sell merchandise to raise money for the sanctuary. Currently we have only managed to produce coffee mugs, coasters, stickers and coloring books. But stocks don’t always last, and since this isn’t our primary source of inspiration, therefore we shall send you a newsletter as and when we get our hands on fresh stock.

Finally, there’s fundraising that you could do on our behalf. There are ton of activities that you could think of having in your community, church, school, office etc to raise funds for the sanctuary. Just recently, Thomas Boxtiger who is an internet sensation thanks to his karaoke machine reviews, helped us arrange a fundraiser using only the power of the social media. Special thanks to Thomas, without him the new Section C of the sanctuary would not have been possible.

The bottom-line is that if you want to be part of this passionate group of do-gooders then there’s more than one way to participate. Its up to you as to what you feel comfortable doing.