Volunteer Now

As mentioned earlier, apart from a few paid professionals, the rest of our work is dependent on volunteers. We have one full-time veterinarian and two who visit the sanctuary every month for a week or more.

As far as volunteers are concerned their tasks aren’t fixed per se, but on a whole they are responsible for activities such as:

  • Helping out with the cleaning and upkeep of the enclosures.
  • Preparing specific foods for the different animals.
  • Administering sick animals with their daily dosage of medicine, supplements and water.
  • Learning to be an animal handler (for those who wish to stay and partake more intensively).
  • Assisting the guests with the tour and act as a guide/teacher for school groups.
  • Helping with fundraising from time to time.

Volunteer Orientation takes place three days a week, in different batches. Its generally the older volunteers who take up the training. But, technical and procedural classes are taught by our resident experts.

You will work as you learn so it’s a seamless process that lets you get your hands dirty from the first week itself. We do however expect a minimum standard of professionalism with the work that you are entrusted with.

From the second week, each trainee has to complete his/her quota of 7-hours volunteer work every day, after which he/she is free to do as they wish. Accommodation for all volunteers is provided for at the sanctuary resort.