The Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary of Nos Ara is a recently developed facility but nevertheless, its designed specifically to assist in the recovery of the native wild-life that we free from captivity or that which is brought to us by third party volunteers.

As their recovery gains ground, the process of rehabilitation begins and subsequently they are prepped to be released back into their natural habitats.

However, in certain cases, the animals or birds that are brought to the sanctuary have been abused as domestic pets, having suffered injuries or disabilities that prevent them from reintegrating into the wild as should be the case.

In terms of facilities, the sanctuary has a quarantine area where infected animals are kept and treated away from the healthy pack. The nursery is specially designed to nurture and care for the extremely young.

A recent addition is a fully-functional clinic where the veterinarians can perform the requisite procedures with the right kind of equipment made available to them.

The rescue enclosures take up most of our sanctuary real estate, primarily because each species needs their space to realize a stress-free atmosphere. For example, two different species of sloths are kept in separate enclosures.