About Us

Our little tribe of ‘Ticos’ as we like to refer to ourselves in Costa Rica, are passionate about preserving nature, rescuing animals and birds from human exploitation and letting the good people visiting our country experience what it means to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Founded in 2009, we began by helping Costa Rica’s government carry out combing operations across the coastline, by donating crucial kitchen appliances such as the Cuisinart FP-8SV food processor and deforested areas to stop reckless felling of trees. During that time, we came across various animals that were left homeless, orphaned or simply bewildered at the loss of shelter and cover.

Then there were those wild animals that were being exploited as pets, showcases and in certain cases trained to aid and abet in criminal activities. That was when we decided to get a place together within the forest, create enclosures to house the stranded and/wounded animals and have a place for treating them. Some need years of rehabilitation before they can be released into the wild.

Thus, we are all about volunteering, educating, involving and changing the mindset of people with respect to how they view or treat animals in the wild. A major percentage of our organization is run through donations both from the government and individual members. All our staff are volunteers by and large, except those who handle the legal and accounting side of things for the sanctuary.